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Testimonials from competitors

“I have been coming to the Heart of the Rockies triathlon for many years, originally as an athlete and current course record holder, and currently as a coach with the Kronos Triathlon Club. Heart of the Rockies Triathlon is a unique event in Invermere in the beautiful Columbia Valley, and it is an honest, challenging course! The race director is committed to putting on a great event–having the youth race (Young Hearts Triathlon) the day prior to the Sprint and Olympic distance events, makes it a great weekend to have the whole family out racing!
Lisa Mensink
Olympian & Kronos Triathlon Club Coach”


I just wanted to let you know that a European vacation this July will prevent us from participating this year. We’ll enjoy Europe; but will miss this annual favorite event for the family. I didn’t want you to think that we were not supporting the event this year. It remains an annual highlight for myself, Eloise, Ben, Tommy and Jamie. Good luck this year and you can expect us back for the 2018 events.


I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for organizing…not just one major event…but 2! My son and I are always inspired by what people do and also seeing people participate in events that are challenging, mentally and physically. On the way to the event today, he asked…when can I get a road bike Mom? I guess he’s inspired to participate in the upcoming future. I had set today as a goal for my 40th birthday several years ago. It was inspiring for me to see people do great things who are much older and younger than me. I had a great time meeting the other volunteers yesterday, fellow participants today and meeting you both who are very good at organizing this event and bringing people together in a friendly, competitive way!


Thanks again for another awesome year. We continue to love this race. We are going to try and recruit at least 6 friends to do the race with us next year. I know it is a lot of work to put this on. You do it well!


Seeing your email pop up did remind me to send a thank you note. I just started the triathalon thing this summer. This was my first Olympic tri. I finished near the end of the pack but the highlight was that you provided a safe and positive environment for my first big lake swim and longer event. I really appreciate that. You folks do a good job. I will see you again next year and hopefully I will be a lot faster. Thanks so much to you and your team.


Thanks, my brother in-law and I run a lot of half marathons but this was our first triathlon. We really enjoyed the people, the view, and the race (by the way, that run was a killer) the food afterward was great. You guys did a great job and we plan to come back next year. Thanks again.


The new transition area had lots of room for everyone and freed up the old transition area for lots of parking close by – great set up! There were tons of aid stations on the run course with many happy volunteers cheering us on – fantastic feature – no de-hydration happening at the HOTR! The new run route (although hilly) was fabulous, scenic, and a lot of it was on trails and quiet roads away from traffic – excellent route! The new food tent had lots of food and was in a location with lots of space around it – no crowding there! One little suggestion, which you probably have heard about before, is that it would be nice if the winner’s mugs had a year on them (i.e. 2009) to identify which year they were received, but maybe this is not possible due to costs or other delivery issues. The photos of the race this year were the best photos you’ve ever had at the HOTR – many excellent shots! Overall, a great race once again – every year gets better and better! I would hazard a guess that you just might see the number of participants grow larger each year as they discover how well your run the race and what a truly excellent venue it is!! Thanks for all your hard work!


What a great race! I, (perhaps I should say ‘we’) so enjoy a race that offers true competition, friendly rivalry and a family-all-inclusive atmosphere. Heart of the Rockies has all the above. Our twelve and ten year olds are already mapping out next year’s teams. They really enjoy being a part of it all. My parents’ help at the aid station was a thrill for them. I guess we never tire of watching our children participate. The new run course was a great change with enough uphill to feel a true challenge, accompanied by some downhill to feel a bit of a reprieve–however brief! Great morning!


Your smoothest event yet – it was running like a well oiled machine – congrats! Count us in for next year – always a pleasure.


I never got the chance to comment yet, but I wanted to tell you how wonderful your race was this past July! I have grown up in Penticton B.C and volunteered and raced in Ironman and other local races…such as Ultraman Canada and I never bothered to try an Olympic race…I guess I underestimated the organization of such races and intensity. I signed up for Heart of the Rockies as I’m a Parks Canada firefighter living on HWY 93 south and Invermere is close. I had the best time in a race yet!! I found the volunteers phenomenal and the race venue every bit as beautiful and challenging as Ironman Canada (but a bit shorter :). Organization of the race was great. Also, I wanted to point out that the beer mug trophy that we got and the non-alcoholic beer at the end of the race was awesome. I would take a mug over a finisher ribbon any day!!! Thanks for a great race and see you next race!


It’s been a while since the race but just wanted to let you know that we had a great time there. It is laid back yet well organized with great support and swag. I enjoyed the run course this year – I think technically it was a bit tougher but I love that as I’m a trail runner at heart. It was much more scenic and kept your mind going a little more than the previous out and back. Hope we can do that route again next year. Thanks for your hard work. I’m wearing my t-shirt with pride.


Thank you so much for this year’s event. I am really sad to know that we (Australians) won’t be there the next year to take part. You guys are truly awesome and it was one of the most well run, fun events we have ever been a part of. Bruce thanks again for helping me on the actual day to find a spare bike tube! I was so unprepared having hired ALL of our equipment. Good luck with the event next year, hope it’s a huge turn out and a massive success!