Swim Volunteer


Are you interested in being a part of the Heart of The Rockies Open Water Swim? There’s no better way than volunteering, we need wetsuit strippers, aid station workers, parking attendants, transition area attendants, kayakers, lifeguards and if you’re a warm body we will find somewhere you can help out!! Be a part of your community and sign up today! If there is a job you want to do let us know and we’ll make it work, also if you are a team we will not split you up.

Here are some benefits of being a HOTR Volunteer:

  • Exclusive HOTR Volunteer Shirt
  • Refreshments
  • Volunteer Dinner
  • Meeting new people and being part of a team
  • Satisfaction of contributing to a legacy event in our city

Sign up is easy:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Choose the time you are available
  • Choose the area you wish to volunteer for
  • You can volunteer for more than one area
  • Contact me directly for more questions