Heart Of The Rockies Duathlon Pre-Race Info

New Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Race Packages Include:

  • Souvenir custom kids cycling jersey (great to wear in the race)
  • Souvenir swim cap
  • Race number Bib – please wear the Bib “in front” for the benefit of our announcers
  • Sponsor goodies

Heart Of The Rockies Duathlon


The focus of the event is safety, enjoyment and participation. Times will be recorded and posted on our website as soon as possible after the event.

Preparing for the Duathlon



Ages 14-15  8:00am sharp

Ages 12-13  Approx. 9:15am

Ages 10-11  Approx. 10:15am

Ages 8-9  Approx. 11:00am

Ages 6-7  Approx. 11:30am

Ages 4-5  Approx. 12:00pm


Age 4 to 5    50m Swim / 1.5km Bike / 500m Run

Age 6 to 7    50m Swim / 1.5km Bike / 500m Run

Age 8 to 9    100m Swim / 3.0km Bike / 1.0km Run

Age 10 to 11    200m Swim / 5.0km Bike / 2km Run

Age 12 to 13    300m Swim / 7.0km Bike / 3.0km Run

Age 14 to 15 400m Swim / 9.0km Bike / 4.0km Run

CHANGES TO AGE GROUP: Children’s age category is based on their age as of December 31st of the race year. (To check if your
child is in the correct Age Group, please refer to the link “YHT Confirmation List”.   Contact us if you wish to change the age information we have on record.

CHANGES TO AGE GROUP DISTANCES: Please review the age group triathlon distances for your child. If preferred, children may race in a younger age category upon request, and you may make this choice during the registration process. Once registered, please contact us to make any changes to age group categories. Category changes must be made at least 3 days prior to race day.


Parking WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in these areas:

  • Any of the roadways that are part of the Young Hearts Triathlon race course.
  • Along Beach Drive leading to Kinsmen Park
  • Station Neighborhood Pub parking lot

Designated parking is available in areas in and surrounding Kinsmen Beach as shown on the “parking map” on our website. Very limited parking is available in the Kinsmen Beach parking lot because part of the parking lot is used for the transition area.  Volunteers will be assisting with parking. Please refer to the parking map on this page.


Please refer to the “Schedule of Events” for the timing schedule of race day morning relating to the distribution of timing chips, last-minute package pickup, the pre-race meeting, and age group assembly.

TIMING CHIPS & RACE NUMBERS: Parents are asked to ensure that each child picks up a timing chip on race day morning. The timing chip must be worn on the ANKLE only and their bib number (included in race bag) securely attached to the front of the shirt that is worn for the finish. Please ensure that each child is wearing their assigned race number (Bib) so that their name and number match our records. Check the label on their race bag and bib for name and age group category when picking up race packages. Please DO NOT REMOVE the tear off label of the bib as this will be used by the timers at the finish line.

AGE GROUP “HEATS”: Participants will be assigned to “Heats” if there are more than 50 participants per category. Children will be assigned to their “Heat” prior to race day and must start with their group in order to receive race results.

AGE GROUPS 4-5 and 6-7: The distances for these 2 groups are the same and we may group them together if numbers allow.

PLACEMENT OF BICYCLES & TRANSITION GEAR: The parking lot of Kinsmen Beach will be the transition area for the Young Hearts Triathlon. Bike racks will be available and areas designated specifically for each age group.

Group A racks will include ages 10 – 14.  Arrive at 7:00am

Group B racks will include ages 4 – 9.   Arrive before 10:00am

BIKE HELMETS: are mandatory and bikes should be equipped with a cage and full bottle of water.

WATER: will be provided on the run course.

Pets:  Please do not bring pets to the event at Kinsmen Beach.

Washroom Facilities: Public washroom facilities are available at Kinsmen Beach.

Recycling & Garbage: Recycling and garbage bins will be available. Please conserve and reduce the amount of plastic by using your personal drink containers and by bringing your own refillable drink containers to use during pre-race and post-race activities. Water and cups will be supplied during the race at water stations. Please ensure that garbage is placed only in containers marked for garbage. Discard litter only in areas with garbage bins or at the aid stations.


Each age group will be announced prior to the start of their event and assembled on the beach. A motorized barge will transport swimmers for the one-directional (deep water start) swim to shore from the designated swim starts.

  • Please refer to the “YHT Course” page on our website for swim distances.
  • Swimmers will swim one direction from the barge to shore.
  • Parents of children in the youngest age groups are encouraged to accompany them in the water but will not be allowed on the barge unless space is available.
  • Children are permitted to wear fins, a life vest, arm floats, use a flutter board or noodle if desired.
  • Parents of children aged 4 to 7 are encouraged to join their children in the water during the swim event and children may use any type of flotation device desired, including flippers. Parents of children aged 8 and older are asked to ensure their children are sufficiently competent to complete their swim distance with ease. If children do not feel confident, please either escort them in the water or provide them with a flotation device for their safety and enjoyment.
  • A swim cap will be included in each child’s race package.


Parents are asked to remove their child’s bike immediately after completing the cycle course due to safety and congestion.

  • Please refer to the “YHT Course” page on our website for cycle distances.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Please make sure bikes are in good repair and tires are inflated adequately.
  • Bring an extra tube and pump to the race start to avoid disappointment should a flat occur. – Parents are asked to ensure children are familiar with the cycle distance for their age group and aware of the turnaround point(s).


  • Please refer to the “YHT Course” page link on our website for run distances. – Parents are asked to ensure children are familiar with the run distance and turnaround point(s) for their age group.
  • Race Packages include:  Swim cap, Young Hearts Triathlon custom cycling jersey (registration must be submitted by the notification deadline), Race Number / bib

Post Race Snacks & Awards: Snacks and refreshments will be available near the finish line.