TEAM Great White North Triathlon Half (Long Course)

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Great White North Half Swim










Olympic Triathlon participants enjoy the “Olympic Course” two lap swim at Hubbles Lake.  Allan Beach features a large sandy area for the start and finish. We use a mass start so seed your self appropriately. This is a calm lake and the course is well marked and we will have a large contingent of lifeguards and kayakers to ensure your safe completion.  Swimmers will proceed into the transition zone and attach their timing chip to their team cyclist’s ankle who are waiting at their designated rack.



After you head out of Allan Beach Resort you turn right on Hwy 16 and head to Hwy 779 and turn south and head into Stony Plain. Turn right at 44th ave, turn right at 50th st, head past the pavilion and right onto parkland hwy. Take the overpass interchange onto hwy 779 and head north to the turn around 19.5km out, head back to Stony Plain and repeat the out and back. Technical support will be provided on course but make sure you have the appropriate supplies in case of mechanical issues.  When you finish, your runner should be waiting at your designated bike race location to take off your timing chip and attach it to their own leg.  

Bike Course Nutrition:  F2C GLYCO-DURANCE bottles, water bottles, F2C Gels
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Note that you pass the Pavilion (T2) on main street twice before finishing the bike portion.


Great White North Run


The run course takes you through the town of Stony Plain and it’s trail system. You head around the pavilion pond and out on 43rd ave, turn right on 50th St and turn left on 47th ave, follow to 45th ave and then turn right and head to the trail system.  This is a three lap course.

Run Course Nutrition:  F2C GLYCO-DURANCE in cups, water, F2C Gels
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Awards will be presented to the top 3 in each Age Group for both men and women. The Age Groups are broken down into 10 year categories as follows.

18-29 / 30-39 / 40-49 / 50-59 / 60-69 / 70+


The Great White North Triathlon follows all applicable ITU rules with some exceptions as follows:


There will be no drafting at The Great White North Triathlon. The draft zone is 3 meters wide by 7 meters long. This rule is strictly enforced! We have experienced drafting marshals on the bike course. If you draft, you will be caught, and if you are caught, you will be penalized.


Any competitor behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner will be disqualified on the spot. Our volunteers are the main reason this race is so great!

Please treat them with the utmost respect at all times, including all activities before and after the event.

If you have any question regarding rules, please contact us via our CONTACT PAGE.