Great White North Schedule of Events


10:00 am – Expo and package pick up opens (at Heritage Park Pavilion)  Pre-assigned pickup times:  book yours now here.
12:00 pm – Race orientation meeting 1 at Pavilion (pick one)
2:00 pm – Race orientation meeting 2 at Pavilion (pick one)
4:00 pm – Expo and package pick up closes.


5:45 am – Transition 1 opens, warm up and timing chip pickup before your start wave
7:45 am – Try-A-Tri bike/run start from Pavilion parking lot
8:00 am – Sprint bike/run start from Pavilion parking lot
8:20 am – Olympic bike/run start from Pavilion parking lot
8:30 am – Half (Long Course) bike/run start from Pavilion parking lot
8:30 am – Duathlon race start from Pavilion run finish line zone

There will be no body marking, please make sure your number tattoos are on before you arrive to T-1


Athletes can park at the Stony Plain Heritage Park Pavilion.  Bring your bike and run gear  – you don’t need to drop it off on Saturday.


For bike/run categories, racers will be released every 5 seconds in a time-trial format.  Seed yourself, fastest to slowest in your respective wave queue.

Medical personnel will be on hand in case of any emergencies.


There will be a large number of race officials on the course who will STRICTLY apply all rules. Drafting is expressly prohibited and WILL BE closely monitored and enforced on this course. Athletes must ride on the right and pass on the left. In addition, we will have a ZERO tolerance for any safety-related infractions. These violations will result in the athlete’s immediate removal from the competition.

All rules will be clearly described in the athlete briefing sessions.

The bike course has one left turn and some busy intersections. These areas will have officials, and in some cases, police officers prominently positioned.   Athletes must obey race officials and police at all times and especially in these areas to ensure our race is safe.

There will be aid stations every 15km on the bike. These stations will supply water as well as Electrolyte drink and Gels. Athletes will be able to dispose of empty water bottles and garbage at the aid station. Littering on course will not be tolerated.

Local bike shops will also provide mechanical support on the course. Several support vehicles and a sag wagon to pick up athletes who do not complete the bike will be on course. Although there will be numerous mechanical support vehicles, athletes are encouraged to have sufficient equipment to address any minor mechanical issues (such as flats, bring your own spare inner tube) as support may not be on-hand when you need them.

Athletes will proceed along the course as outlined on the maps on the website. There will be distance signage at 15 km intervals. The bike course ends at Stony Plain Heritage Pavilion. Volunteers will be on-hand at the dismount to assist you in dismounting but you will rack your own bike in the appropriately numbered rack in the Transition Zone.


The run will progress on roads and pathways within Stony Plain and around tit’s trail system. Not all roads are traffic free so please be aware of your surroundings and listen carefully to all marshals.  The run course will have distance signs posted every kilometer and aid stations positioned approximately every 2km. The aid stations will provide water, Electrolyte Drink & gels and other assistance.


The finish line will be located in front of The Stony Plain Pavilion near T2. The finish line will have a clock displaying the total time from the start.

Smile as you cross the finish line because you have just had a great race and you are on camera.  Volunteers will be holding a finish line tape for you to cross.

After you cross the finish line volunteers will be available to assist you.


Recovery food and drinks will be available immediately after you finish the race.

An awards ceremony and lunch be held in the arena after the race (anticipated start time of 3:30 pm).  Athletes can then leave at their leisure.

*Times are tentative and subject to change. Times will be confirmed and a scheduled will be prepared and distributed to all athletes by email and included in your race package.