COVID-19 Event Protocols (If Needed)

If COVID protocols are required in 2022, we will activate the plan developed with Alberta Health for a safe return to racing.  This protocol offers COVID-secure flow through events that abides by all local, provincial and federal regulations.

All participants, volunteers and staff are required to wear masks (participants not required to wear mask while racing).

Ironman Return To Racing Video

• Mandatory athlete briefings will be online/virtual only.
• Athletes will be assigned a race package pickup time, arrival and start time.
• Athletes will be sent a pre-race screening questionnaire.
• Upon entry to the check in area, athletes will be asked if they have watched the race briefing and given their screening questionnaire.
• Athletes must attach their own pre-sanitized timing chips and race numbers.
• Face masks and physical distancing will be maintained between athletes and between athletes & volunteers.
• Hand sanitizer will be available at the check in table.

Event Timing
• Timing is done by sanitized chips worn on the athlete’s ankle and self-secured with a velcro strap.
• At the finish, athletes will remove their own timing chip and drop it in the provided bucket.

Race Starts
• There will be holding zones set up, each accommodating 25-100 athletes based on restrictions at that time.  Zones will be separated by flagging, ropes, cones and/or fencing.  Athletes are released on to the course every 10 seconds.
• Athletes will be instructed to maintain physical distance during the event and to only pass when there is nobody coming the other way or there is room on shoulder.
• Passing is to be done wide enough to maintain distance and the athlete being passed will fall back to maintain distance from the athlete in front.
• Athletes will be well spread out from the rolling start.

Aid Stations
• Volunteers will not serve athletes on course; they will only replenish supplies on the tables for athletes to self serve.

• One wide and long finish chute divided into two lanes to separate any two athletes arriving close to each other.
• There will be no finish tape.
• Athletes will be handed masks and must maintain 2m of physical distance.
• Finisher medals or merchandise is distributed in plastic bags as athletes pass through finish lane.
• Athletes will remove their own timing chip and place in the provided bucket.
• Any post race food will be prepackaged only and available with the water for individuals to take.
• Athletes will be allowed to gather in small, distanced groups away from the finish area for no longer than 15 minutes and will be dispersed if numbers become too great.
• No post race award ceremony.
• Results will be available throughout the entire event via an online leaderboard and results listing.

• Spectators will be discouraged.
• If spectators gather, they will be told to maintain physical distancing, wear masks and will be asked to disperse if numbers exceed the allowed limit.

• Hand sanitizer will be available at the start, at the finish, at the timing table, at aid stations, and at all toilet facilities.

Toilet Facilities
• Porta-potties will be brought on site. Hand sanitizer will be made available at the entrance/exit of all porta-potties.
• Porta-potties will be placed in such a way that physical distancing can be maintained between toilets.
• Markers will be on the ground to indicate distancing in a toilet line up.

Volunteers and Staff
• Volunteers and staff will do everything possible to adhere to physical distancing in all aspects of the race.
• Aid station volunteers will wear gloves as well as masks if distancing can’t be maintained.
• On course marshals giving directions to stay 6’ from athletes at all times and are not required to wear masks.
• All volunteers and staff will be given the pre-screening questionnaire before each shift.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire
(Questions 1 – 4 NO, 5 YES required for participation) to be answered upon arrival.
1. Have you travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days?
2. Have you tested positive for COVID – 19. (if yes in the past 14 days, no participation)
3. Do you have any symptoms: cough, fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing not related to a pre-existing condition?
4. Have you knowingly been in contact with an individual who has tested positive in the last 14 days?
5. Have you read the athlete race day information in its entirety?

Contact Tracing
Contact information for all participants is readily available should it be required for contact tracing purposes.