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Chinook Classic Triathlon Schedule of Events

IMPORTANT – We have two transition zones 18km apart.  Please read parking/shuttle details when planning your day!

Race Package pickup

Volunteers Needed
Like any other event we are always in search of some much needed enthusiastic volunteers. If you have a family member or a friend that’s coming to watch the event, then ask them to help out. They get a really nice tech shirt and a great meal and of course lots and lots of fun. They can register here.

Water Temperature
Lake Midnapore is a crystal clear man made lake.  Water temperature ranges from 18C to 21C in mid-June.  Wetsuits are recommended.

Pre-Race Procedures

Race Bib Number (you will find in your swag bag)
• In your race kits you will have a Bib Number related to your event. Please make sure you’re in the right event.
• Affix your Bib to a bib strap belt (fabric elastic or proper triathlon belt).
• Do not wear your Bib in the swim under your wet suit, it will probably tear apart when you take it off.
• Your Bib must be visible on your back when you’re on your bike, failure to do so could result in a penalty.
• When you get off the bike your Bib needs to be visible on your front during the run, failure to do so could result in a penalty.

Race Number Kit (you will find in your swag bag)
• The large sticker is to be wrapped around your bike tube so that it’s visible
• The Swim to Bike gear sticker you put on the Blue bag
• The Bike to Run gear sticker you put on the Red bag
• The White bag is your dry gear bag and you affix the Dry gear sticker
• The Helmet sticker affix to the front of your helmet
• The other stickers are spares

• Bibs need to be transferred from athlete to athlete in transition.  Also Timing Chips need to be transferred and affixed to the ankle of the athlete, in transition as the team advances.
• Teams would only require the white bag so you should affix the sticker to your dry bag gear.

Bike Drop-off for all athletes:
• We require you to drop your bike off at Bike Transition at 185 Midlake Blvd (Midnapore Lake), at Transition 1 (T1). Security will be monitoring the Transition throughout the night.
• Bike drop off times 5:00pm to 8:00pm Friday, June 14th
• The bike racks will be numbered in sequential order ie: 100-104, 105-110, place your bike in the space assigned to your rack, if your number is 103 then you’re in the middle of the rack.  Tri-clubs will have their own VIP section of bike racks.
• For teams: your bike racks will be at the end of transition labelled “Teams”
• You will receive a blue bag in your kit, this bag is for your bike gear and your wetsuit after your swim. Bring it with you and it can be placed with your bike. Your bike gear will be required to be in your bag.
• Out of town athletes that are not able to get to bike check in at that time will be able to so in the morning. Transition will be open at 6:00am.

Race Day Procedures

• Proceed to Transition 2 and finish line location to Granary Road (19 minute drive from Lake Midnapore).
• Do not park your car at Transition #1 as you will have to ride back to get your car at the end of your race.  Shuttles will only run until 10:00am
• We will provide a shuttle service (3 buses) starting at 6:00am to the swim start.  The turnaround time for the shuttle is about 40 minutes.
• The first shuttles will be reserved for the Long Distance Athletes
• Spectators will be allowed on the shuttles but priority will be given to athletes.

Body Marking, Race Check-In & Timing Chip at Transition 1
1.  Race Check-in  Location for race check-in will be at T1 and opens at 6:00am
2.  Body Marking  Make sure you get body marked on the arms and legs (let the ink dry before you put your wetsuit on)
3.  Timing Chip  Pick up your timing chip at the table next to registration. Make sure the chip corresponds to your Bib number, body mark and your registration

Transition #1 Rules (Lake Midnapore 185 Midlake Blvd)
• Transition opens at 6am
• There are designated spots for your bike, Half distance, Olympic distance, Duathlon, AquaBike and teams.  Find your number sequence and rack your bike.  Tri-club teams can proceed to their VIP rack section.
• Please don’t hog a spot, we need to place 5 bikes per side on the rack i.e.; if you are #103 then you’re rack will be in the centre of the rack
• There are multiple events taking place throughout the morning so we have some closure times you need to be aware of
• Half Ironman (long course), AquaBike Long Course, and Team long course closes at 7:30am to all athlete traffic, no exceptions.
• Olympic, AquaBike Short Course, Team short course, Duathlon closes at 8:45am

Transition #2 Rules (Granary Road)
• Transition opens at 6:00am
• Buses start to shuttle athletes to T1 at 6:15am
• This is the location of your bike to run. You place your run gear by your bike number. Make sure you have labelled your Red bag with your number (included in your swag bag).  Do this before you get on the bus.

Awards and Post Race Festivities
• Post-Race Festivities will be located at T2 Finish line. We will have plenty of hot food.  Visit the sponsor tents and have a chat with them.
• We’ll have a light Massage provided by licensed practitioners.  Thank them for their time and volunteer spirit.
• Post-Race meal starts at 11:30am, provided by Granary Road, Cinnzeo Cinnabon and our other sponsors.
• Granary Road are hosting a beer garden.  Bring a few bucks for a cold brew.
• Thank a Volunteer