Chinook Triathlon Rules & Regulations

Cycling Rules

• Number Bibs to the back (use a race belt)
• Helmet chinstrap must be secured once you touch your bike and must remain secured until you finish and rack your bike, there are stiff penalties for not complying.  Triathlon Alberta, TriCan and ITU rules apply.
• Drafting: Know the rules for drafting because you will be assessed a 10 minute penalty. Minimum two bike lengths behind.  Absolutely, No Riding side by side.  If you are in the TriTogether wave, you are allowed to ride in groups without penalty (you just won’t qualify for a finishing position).
• Passing on the course:  If you are going to pass, you yell out “PASSING ON THE LEFT”. You must stay on the right side of the solid line. If you cross over the solid line you will be assessed a 2 minute penalty.
• Being Passed:  If you are being passed and someone yells “Passing on the Left” you must move over to the right and allow the athlete to pass. If you block the athlete you will be assessed a penalty (2 minute Olympic Course with the 2nd offence DQ, 5 minute Long Course with 3rd offence DQ).
• Litter:  We want to keep the environment clean and free of pollution, so we request you drop off all litter at the aid stations or carry it with you. Water bottles must be dropped at the aid stations. Anyone littering on the road will be warned and if not amended, penalized (15 seconds Olympic Distance / 1 minute Long Course). Please consider this rule as we are given the use of the land from organizations that rely on us to respect the environment.
• No Walkmans, MP3 Players, iPods, cell phones allowed on the bike course. No exceptions to the rules, immediate disqualification.
• Police controlled intersections.  Please pay attention while going through the controlled intersections as the City of Calgary Police Service & Rural Marshals will do their best to make sure you get through the intersection safely.  As you know there are always drivers out there that sometimes don’t pay attention.  Please use judgment as this is not a closed course.
• We are making every effort to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience but please be careful as you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.