Young Hearts Triathlon Race Course

New Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

The focus of the children’s triathlon is safety, enjoyment and participation. Parents are encouraged to support children in age groups 4-5 and 6-7 during the race. We suggest that parents of children who are in categories 8-9 and older allow them to experience a truer sense of independence and self reliance during the event. Each age group will race separately, however the exact start time for each age group cannot be pre-determined until race day. More detailed information will be communicated closer to race day.


Ages 14-15  8:00am sharp

Ages 12-13  Approx. 9:15am

Ages 10-11  Approx. 10:15am

Ages 8-9  Approx. 11:00am

Ages 6-7  Approx. 11:30am

Ages 4-5  Approx. 12:00pm


The new swim start is just down the beach from the swim finish.  Kids simply swim out to the orange buoy and return.  Parents will be allowed to accompany their child in the water, but will only be allowed on the barge if space is available.

Please be assured that changes to distances in the swim event will be made if weather conditions are not satisfactory or alternatively, the race may change to a Run/Bike/Run event. Qualified lifeguards and volunteers will escort children during the swim. Parents of children aged 4 to 7 are encouraged to join their children in the water during the swim event and children may use any type of flotation device desired, including flippers. Parents of children aged 8 and older are asked to ensure their children are sufficiently competent to complete their swim distance with ease. If children do not feel confident, please either escort them in the water or provide them with a flotation device for their safety and enjoyment.


Helmets must be secured prior to mounting bikes.
Cyclists must walk their bikes to and from the “mount/dismount” line.


The entire race number (Bib) provided in the race package must be worn in front in order for us to provide finish times. Race numbers (Bibs) have been pre-labeled with the participant’s name. Please DO NOT REMOVE the tear-off label since it will be used by the timers at the finish line.

Young Hearts Swim

Young Hearts Bike