Heart Of The Rockies Gran Fondo Rules & Regulations

The following are the rules for riding the Heart Of The Rockies Gran Fondo. Anyone violating these rules is subject to removal from the event:

  • Helmets are mandatory: Helmets must be worn correctly and done up at all times.
  • Non-standard bicycles: (e.g. tandem bicycles, e-bikes, and race wheelchairs) encourages the use of a standard road bike. Aero bars are not permitted. Tandems and e-bikes must be declared at registration and will start at the back of the field. Recumbent bikes and unicycles are not permitted. Due to size issues, it may not be possible to transport these bicycles back to the finish area should you require it.
  • Look for obstacles, ride safely and predictably. Don’t swerve and weave, keep your head up, and ride in single file when possible. Please be aware of and exercise good road riding etiquette.
  • Road rules: Obey all directions from police, traffic control personnel or course workers. Riders MUST give way to emergency vehicles. All roads are open to traffic; be aware and do not cross the centre line. Where the route has a delineated lane closure (e.g. cones), crossing into the non-delineated lane is prohibited.
  • “Stay to the Right”: Unless passing another rider, ensure that you stay as far to the right of the road as you can; making it easy for other riders to pass you safely on the left.
  • No personal support vehicles on course: Please let us take care of you on your ride. Avoid clogging up the route with additional cars and trucks.
  • No unregistered riders: Riders found on a course for which they are not registered will be charged accordingly.
  • Timing chip and number placement: All participants must mount their chip on their ankle. Chips will be collected at the finish. Riders who do not finish (DNF) must return their chip to the finish area or hand it in to event personnel. If the chip is not returned, you will be charged a $50 replacement fee.
  • Start Zones: Riders will start en masse or will separate in a “time trial” format if COVID-19 rules remain in place.
  • No littering: Throwing anything on the ground during in the ride will result in removal from the event.
  • No public urination: Facilities are provided on course (Aid Stations) and at the Finish.
    Caravan vehicles: Riders must heed instructions from course officials. Do not pass the Lead Event Vehicle at any time.
  • Cut-off times: For course management and road safety, all Gran Fondo riders must be at the final aid station by 11:00 a.m. Riders outside of these times will be asked to leave the course, your timing chip and number will be removed, and you will be offered a ride to the finish area. The finish line closes at 12:00 p.m.
  • Treat course workers and volunteers with kindness and respect: We want our crew and volunteers to have a great time too.
  • Right to refuse entry: The event organizers reserve the right to refuse entry into the event if any of the above rules are violated by a participant.