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12th Annual Blitz Duathlon – Fall K-Country



7km Trail Run*, 19km Road Bike, 3.5km Trail Run*
Sunday September 19, 2021
Station Flats just west of Bragg Creek, in Kananaskis Country, Alberta (near Calgary)

Map & Directions

Be a part of Calgary’s longest running annual Duathlon!

The race will start from the Station Flats parking area and take you west along the Elbow Valley/Sulphur Springs trail for 3.5km before heading back to the transition area at Station Flats. The bike is an out and back south/west on Highway 66 with lots of rolling hills (19k), followed by a shorter 3.5km loop on the Tom Snow Trail to finish the race.  See Course Map.


Still not sure if this race is for you? Here’s what others had to say:
“This was the third year and the race was awesome as always. Every detail was covered. Wonderful food and goodies; all the courses are fun and challenging; amazing participant support from bikes, bag check-in, easy registration, complete information updates, finish announcer, transition set-up; the volunteers who make it possible were all knowledgeable, friendly and helpful; and the sponsor support much appreciated. All that yet I love how the race directors keep things simple and low key.”

“This is the best race that I have done in all the years I have raced. So much fun and very well organized. All the other athletes and volunteers were awesome as well. Thanks gang”

“It was a fun atmosphere yet also very well organized. I liked how there was no waiting around for draw prizes or awards. Excellent post-race meal as well.”

“​It was my first time at this race and it was well organized and a lot of fun! ”

“Great venue, trails were good, scenic ride with a challenging hill climb. Lots of volunteers who were awesome, energetic, and encouraging”

​”It was great, everyone was really supportive, the course was challenging, the announcer was great at the finish line, it was a great day! Thank you for all that you did for this race!”

Race Details


8:00am – Athlete Check-in Opens
9:50am – Warm-up
10:00am – RACE START
11:30am – Food
12:00pm’ish – Awards/Prizes

Blitz Duathlon Transition

Course Maps

Distances: 7km run, ~19km bike, ~3.5km run

Running Route: hiking trail, hills, loose rocks, gravel, tree roots, water, cow patties. You’re in the back country, so expect everything.

Cycling Route: paved highway Please note that we are racing on roads that are open to the public. PLEASE use caution while racing. We will control traffic with pylons, signage and volunteers but we are unable to stop traffic and you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Please proceed to Station Flats (Race Venue) to drop off your gear bag at the designated “bag drop” zone (not the bike racks).  Next turn your car around and proceed 300m north to the Elbow Valley Fire Station Admin parking lot.  Ride your bike back, set up your bike at an open spot on the bike racks in the transition zone (4 bikes alternating per section) and then pick up your race package at the tent.

Leg 1: 7km Trail Run

The first leg of the race is a run out and back on the Sulphur Springs trail.   This trail has 4 or 5 rolling hills but they are relatively short.  The overall elevation gain is 159m, broken up over the 7k run.  There is a shallow stream to cross and one section that often is a big mud hole covered with a few logs to help you cross, or you can run around it.  Click the picture for an interactive map.


Transition Zone

You will return through the start/finish line arch into the transition zone.  Proceed to your bike and remember to buckle up your helmet before taking your bike off the rack.  It must remain on until you return and rack your bike.  Walk your bike to the mount/dismount line and begin your ride.

TEAMS:  Upon finishing the first run, simply “tag” your cyclist teammate at the bike rack.  Cyclists then un-rack bike and proceed to the mount line to begin the cycle portion.  Upon returning from the bike, cyclists dismount and return to the rack and tag their runner teammate.  No transfer of bib number or timing chip is required.


Leg 2: 19km Road Bike

The bike course is out and back on Hwy 66 to Beaver Flat.  It is paved highway with rumble strips and some loose gravel at certain sections.  The bike route has a total elevation gain of 276m, mostly gaining in the first 9km. Once you hit the turnaround point, it’s a nice quick ride back to transition.  Traffic will not stop for cyclists so proceed when with your turn around and entrance to Station Flats with caution.   Click the picture for an interactive map.

Leg 3: 3.5km Trail Run

The last leg of the race is the most technical and consists of a loop on the Tom Snow trail/1st Ridgeback loop (clockwise).  The Tom Snow has a few mud holes that you can run around, and the Ridgeback loop is definitely narrower with a hill.  Elevation gain of 200m.

Important Notes: The run components of this race are on hiking/mountain bike trails so expect to see everything: rocks, roots, mud, gravel, logs, streams, and holes.  Parts of the trail are wide and other areas, especially the last 3k loop, have some narrower sections so be alert for other trail users.  Please keep in mind mountain bikers will be on the trails as well and travel at high speeds so for your safety it is recommended run without headphones on.  The top of this loop is navigated clockwise (follow the signs).

There will be marshals on the highway to ensure you can cross the road safely at the turn around point and when re-entering Station Flats transition area, however they are unable to stop traffic so please keep your head up for vehicles and use caution.  Click the picture for an interactive map.



Here is a larger area map for your reference.


Blitz Duathlon Course Map



Station Flats is our start/finish zone and will be used as a temporary drop off location only.  No race day parking available.  Event parking will be at the Elbow Fire Base 300m east of Station Flats.  This is a short walk or ride back to Station Flats (the starting location).  A nice little warm-up!

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to cheer on friends and family members while enjoying a beautiful fall day in Kananaskis.  We ask that spectators do not follow the participants on the highway in order to avoid excessive traffic.


Currently Package pick up will be on race day only at Station Flats from 8:00-9:30am.

Race Support

Bag/gear check: Available near athlete check in table. See FAQ on how it works.

First Aid: There will be a First Aid tent beside the food tent and all course marshals have first aid kits and will be able to assist you. A first aid vehicle will travel the road for assistance during the cycle portion.

Bike Support: A tent will be set up before the race for minor bike maintenance. During the race, there will be one vehicle equipped with basic bike maintenance gear available for road side assistance. Bike racks will be available in the transition area for you.

Timing Chips: All athletes must check in the morning of the race to get their ankle timing chip. Relay team partners will also receive a chip.

Washrooms: Outhouses available.


We are known for great prizes, stick around so you don’t miss out!